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Nutrtitional Therapy 

Diet Plan

I am offering a 'healthy better to success' 30 minutes consultation, at no cost to you.

This is a telephone consultation, allowing for the opportunity for you to speak and to discuss your health needs formally.

A positive start to a new beginning along your holistic nutritional health journey.

Your health is my priority!

  • Have you lost and regained weight in the past five years?

  • Have you moved from one diet to another, with little success?

  • Do you find yourself restrict what you eat?

  • Have you dieted, lost weight and then found that you had gained more weight than how you started in the first place?

Reset your metabolism: Lose weight healthy and to maintain it through our step by step approach to change of behaviours, healthy eating practices and lifestyle changes. I like to fully assess my clients to gain a holistic understanding that will enable me to cater to your needs. 


 I offer three tailored 10-week programmes, which are dependent on the level of support required. This can be support required for weekly, fortnightly or monthly programmes, starting from £245.

Programmes are designed around your individual needs and include:·

  • Follow up Consultations- either face to face or via zoom/ telephone 45 mins to 60 mins

  • Mini progress review calls- 30 mins - 40 mins·

  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment to consider symptoms, medical history, family history, lifestyle and stress.· Food diary analysis· Personalised nutrition and advice supplement plan.·

  • GP referral letter (If required, e.g., red flags observed)

  • Current medication and nutrient interaction evaluation if applicable.· Recommendations on clinical tests and interpretation. 

  •  Full body composition analysis: BMI analysis· (in person)

  • Your healthy Eating Shopping list.

  • Seasonal recipes·

  • Email support


Hi, let me tell you a little about myself. My name is Maureen, and I am the Nutrtional Wellness Holistic Coach. 

My background in Psychology, I worked both as a teacher and a lecturer, and now work as a Holistic Practitioner.  I run various holistic services, such as the Holistic Health Nutritional Coach. 

I  have always had a strong interest in nutrition, and the function of foods; I have taught level 3 students nutrition,  I have a specialism in Coaching, and I am certified in Nutrition and Health.

I will support you towards your health goals, and by working with you over time, we can create a tailored programme specifically for you. Working over some time is more successful and effective. 

Nutritional Programmes 

Foundation is for those clients who require foundations to meeting their goals to success and require minimum support. This programme runs on a monthly support programme.


Develop, is for those clients who need a more structured approach and accountability to develop skills and practices in meeting your goals of success. This programme runs on a fortnightly support programme. 


Advanced, is for clients who will work best with a step by step approach to advance their way through the programme. This advanced programme will provide mentorship in meeting goals to success and highlight any barriers that may arise. 

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